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Richards Family Farm 

Garry, his wife Lynn, and their three children, Rebekah, Evan and Caroline feel blessed to be on the family farm near Bangor, SK. The farm was homesteaded by Garry’s grandfather in 1902 and then operated by his parents. Garry left the family farm and became a pharmacist. After practising for 10 years, his love of the land drew him back to the farm, bringing his newlywed, Lynn, who was a nurse.

We believed in the family farm, wanted to raise our children there and work together without relying on off farm income long-term. Initially, we began adding cattle to the grain operation and took a Holistic Management Course in 2003 where we began learning how to steward the land as a whole interconnected ecosystem.

We learned that “the wealth is in the land,” and started investing in the land by seeding diverse blends of grass and legume species for pasture. We mimicked nature by calving on pasture in May and built the necessary infrastructure to intensively graze cattle on a small area of land for short periods of time, imitating how the bison once grazed. It was also critical to have the proper cattle genetics that would finish well on grass, so we began crossbreeding with Black Angus to develop a herd that would achieve our goals.

By 2009, we began learning more about the importance of soil health, its microbiology and its role in creating a healthy ecosystem. We began intercropping and growing cover crops with more than 20 species in a blend in order to improve soil health. Now we are learning that soil health equates to nutrient dense food and in turn healthier people.

Over the years, we’ve been fortunate to be involved in many studies, projects and trials that have demonstrated the improved water holding capacity of our land, increased biodiversity, increased organic matter and increased carbon sequestration. We’ve also worked with land stewardship associations, held farm tours, presented at conferences and had a number of media articles written about our farm with the hope of raising awareness about the positive impact regenerative agriculture principles can make. We believe that these principles can create resilient farming systems, increase food security, create more nutritious food, sustain profitability of farms and impact climate change among other benefits.

We are excited to complete the circle of production and direct market our beef that has been grown on healthy land that is full of nutrients to help support your health and the health of your family. By supporting local regenerative farms like ours, you are building community and having a real impact on our planet.

Blessings on you,

The Richards


Buckingham Family Farm 

We are the Buckinghams , our family farms in the Saltcoats area. 

We believe that healthy people start with healthy food, this is why we strive to regenerate the landscapes we grow your food on. Starting with soil life as the building blocks to grow great tasting food for our family and yours.


Some of the ways we do this is getting our animals out on pasture as much of the year as possible ,also on our farmland we rotate our grain crops with a soil building multi species cover crops helping to build soil health and create resilient and sustainable multi species landscape.


Keith, Emily, Abby, Violet & Leland


The De Bruyns

We are proud South Africans who immigrated to Canada in early 2017. 

Currently we rent land in the Waldron, SK region where we have cattle grazing and pasture raised chicken. 

We have a love and passion for farming & food and we firmly believe "if you do not make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness, "  the simplest way to make an impact on your wellness is by the choices you make when it comes to your dinner plate! 

Our hope is that consumers will support local, know their farmers and that they'll get curios and interested in the way their food is grown and their meat is raised. 

Our little family is looking forward to meeting you!

Pieter, Suzaan & David

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