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At Whole Farm Market we believe food to be medicine. 

It is our energy source, it's where we get together after a long day of work, it's where we socialize with our family, friends, church and community. 

Food. It's an integral part of our everyday life - "give us today our daily bread."

And this is why we invest in a healthy ecosystem, which includes the land, water, air and animals. A perfect symbiotic relationship between all the elements in order to produce a product that is nutrient dense, wholesome and healthy! 

When animals enjoy a diet of polyculture (in other words - a variety of foods) we too enjoy that same variety of foods, nutrients, minerals and vitamins. 

Where your food comes from and how it's grown, matters. 

We strive to improve our farming practices in order to provide you and your family with great quality products that make a difference to your health and wellbeing. 

Get to know us, come visit our farms, immerse yourself in the "why's and how's" of your dinner plate! 

We'd love to meet you and show you around! 

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