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(Premium Angus Beef)


Our bulk beef is sold at $4.00/lb hanging weight (excluding cutting & wrapping). 

Buying beef in bulk is the most economical way to stock up your freezer with quality, premium beef, it's also a great way of adding a variety of cuts and recipes to your repertoire. 

Things to consider: 
Cattle comes in all shapes and sizes, hence we charge $4.00/lb hanging weight, you can expect to pay $1300 - $1600 for a half , including cutting & wrapping. 

Hanging weight refers to the weight of the carcass (gutted, skinned, head & hoofs removed). Approximately 30% of weight is lost during processing, this is attributed to moisture loss and bones. 

You have the choice of two butchers for cutting or wrapping - 
Roundup Butcher Shop in Bredenbury, or 
Main Street Meats in Theodore. 
If you'd like to make use of your own butcher, please let us know and we'll try our best to make arrangements. 

You will need approximately 10 cu/ft in your freezer to store half a beef. 

Once you've selected your butcher, we forward a cut sheet for butcher instructions. 

What you can expect: 
*This is only an estimate and will differ depending on your preferences and hanging weight. 
- 70lbs Steaks: T-Bone; Sirloin; Tenderloin; Rib 
-80lbs Roasts: Cross Rib; Prime Rib; Round; Eye of Round; Sirloin Tip & Rump
- 15lbs Stew Meat
-75lbs Ground Beef
Bag of Marrow & Knuckle Bones

Please note that you can request more ground beef & stew meat, if you have any questions regarding the cutting instructions, please don't hesitate to call us! 


Available end of August/first weeks of September.
Reserve yours by filling out the order form at the bottom of the page! 

Bulk Beef Order Form



Thank you for your order! 

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